No matter how straight your teeth are and how gorgeous your smile, your teeth could probably be brighter and whiter. Especially if you want those perfect wedding photos or want to look your best for a special occasion.

Studies show that a whiter smile gives you more self-esteem.

You may have tried over-the-counter teeth whitening products and been frustrated by a lack of lasting results.

Good news: feeling better about yourself with a more brilliant, sustainable smile is within your reach with various affordable and even fun ways to whiten your teeth professionally.

Dental ‘Power Bleach’ for Instant Smile Amplification

For nearly instant whitening, schedule a professional power ‘bleaching’.

This process uses high-tech lasers, hydrogen peroxide, and expert and precise application that protects the rest of your mouth.

You’ll leave Family Smiles of Layton after one power bleaching visit with teeth that brighten your day and boost your confidence. And that’ll make you flash that radiant smile more.

Take-Home Whitening Solutions

If you’re more patient, or work ahead of your special event several weeks, consider custom whitening trays fitted snugly to your teeth and gum lines.

Our gentle and caring dentists make these mouth guard-like trays from impressions of your teeth to ensure the peroxide-based whitening agent stays where you need it.

Simply fill the trays with a prescribed amount of whitening agent and wear it for a couple hours each day until your smile is as bright and cheery as you want it to be.

And the best part? You can reuse your custom trays whenever you want to brighten your smile.

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