Dr. Mark Murdock

  • Practices on the cutting-edge of dentistry, using new tools and techniques to get you the best results
  • Experienced in orthodontics, implants, replacements, restorations, and more, making him a ‘super general practitioner’ who practices most branches of dentistry
  • A confident practitioner with high standards for outcomes
  • A friendly and caring chair-side manner with respect for you and your needs
  • Willing to spend time with patients who want or need more time or who are fearful of procedures
  • Treats patients to movie nights for new family movie releases on occasion

Dr. Mark Murdock was born in St. George and grew up in Casper, Wyoming.

After dental school, he started Brigham City Smiles in 2001 and fell in love with the area. He merged practices with Dr. PJ Sutton, founder of Eagle Mountain Dental, in 2015 and has since begun to expand outward from Brigham City.

Family Smiles of Layton is the second office in the Smiles Dental Group, bringing caring and compassionate brand of dentistry to a new audience.

Dr. Murdock invests a lot of time and money in ongoing education for new technologies and techniques to offer a wide variety of services to patients that’s far beyond normal for a typical general dentist.

His caring and warm chairside manner offers patients the time and comfort they need to prepare for even the most demanding procedures.

And he truly cares about your outcomes, making even minute adjustments to make your smile more perfect.

He is the father of four children with his wife Cheree, and can usually be found fishing, traveling, staying fit or watching good movies when he’s not at one of his dental practices.

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Dr. PJ Sutton

  • One of the most experienced general dentists in Utah for wisdom teeth extractions
  • Efficient and prompt so you don’t lose spend more time waiting than you have to
  • Reassuring and informative so you never have to worry about what he’s doing in your mouth, even if you’re scared before a procedure
  • Trained in periodontics, endodontics, and more to make an excellent all-around general dentist
  • Loves to help people escape tooth pain, both during and after visits
  • A contagious laid-back ease that will make you feel more comfortable in the dentist’s office
  • Knew he wanted to be a doctor of some sort when he got a “Visible Man” toy at 10 years old

Dr. PJ Sutton grew up in the Seattle area with a love of all things outdoors. He went to BYU for undergrad studies and graduated with honors from the University of the Pacific in San Francisco’s dental school.

He began his career at Parris Island Marine Recruit Base as a naval dental officer, where he literally spent months ‘shucking’ marines’ wisdom teeth all day every day alongside an experienced orthodontist.

Dr. Sutton spent four years in the armed services, completing an Advanced Education in General Dentistry Certificate and earning the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal.

He opened Eagle Mountain Dental in Brigham City in 2007, and merged with Dr. Mark Murdock’s Brigham City Smiles in 2015 to serve in a complementary practice that put patients’ needs first.

His laid-back, yet prompt, ease has a way of settling anxious patients and making people smile.

When not focused on dentistry, Dr. Sutton spends time in the outdoors, plays sports like basketball, softball, and golf, and sheds his chairside ease to coach youth sports.

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