Dentistry Worth Smiling About

The versatile Smiles team cares enough about patients’ outcomes, money and time to offer up-to-date, red-carpet dentistry that will make you smile, and more beautifully.

Family Smiles of Layton is a unique dental business that caters to the individual needs of its patients.

We know you may be uncomfortable in the chair, and we take care to ensure that you smile a little more while you’re here, and walk away still smiling.

Your experience starts with our friendly front-desk staff who you’ll soon come to know and care about, and extends to the hygienists and dentists who are highly invested in your experience and outcomes.

Dentistry that doesn’t put your money where your mouth is

We hear from our patients that they worry other dentists have told them they need more work than is necessary.

We’re minimalists in that regard.

We’re here to make your smile healthy and happy.

Not to overprescribe unnecessary procedures that will make you uncomfortable both physically and financially.

Founded by two experienced and outcome-oriented dentists

The Smiles brand started in Brigham City, Utah, where two complementary dentists joined together to create an office where everyone can get the smile they deserve.

Dr. Mark Murdock and Dr. PJ Sutton founded Brigham City Smiles together in 2015 after merging their separate practices they’d each run for about a decade.

The pair continue to bring in other dentists, hygienists, and office staff who identify with the Smiles vision and give you a smile to be proud of without breaking the bank.

They expanded the Smiles brand to Layton in 2018.